Defining a new Era in underwater technology

Explore the uw world like never before

Thanks to its internal battery and lightweight (less than 6kg) you can easily reach remote locations

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Multiple configurations

Change the configuration of the ROV in seconds without disassembling pieces or need of tools. Modify the orientation of thrusters, depending if you need agility or more power.

Pitch & Roll Gimbal

The very first ROV equipped with a pitch and roll gimbal. High standard underwater inspections and incredibly stable professional footage

Wide range of Applications


What is included in base model

6 motors (multiple configurations)
8 degrees of freedom movements
HD camera
2 Integrated LED lights
50 mt depth rated
50 mt tether
3hrs+ battery and battery charger
Professional hand controller and piloting software included

Frequently Asked Questions

This is the most important question and answers also “why should I buy Element ROV?”. Element ROV is an innovative lightweight professional-grade ROV, that is the only on the market equipped with a unique multiple configuration motors system, to adapt the ROV to environmental conditions and a pitch&roll gimbal that stabilizes the footage like never seen before. It is probably the best value for money mini ROV on the market. Element ROV is lightweight, powerful and all the operating system can be backpacked in a cabin approved bag. This means you can provide urgent interventions even at flight-distance locations!

You can choose to power the ROV using its internal battery, making it independent from any external power supply, lasting more than 3hrs, or plug it to a 230V electrical supply.

Absolutely not. Element ROV is use friendly. Thanks to its lightweight and dedicated piloting software it takes few hours to become a confident Element ROV pilot.

Element ROV comes with a professional grade remote control that allows smooth and gradual power control of motors. No touch apps with “on/off” effect. You need just a laptop to plug the tether and the remote control and launch our piloting software.

You can configurate Element ROV in “Power cons.” in order to face difficult conditions. We discourage using ELEMENT in very strong current conditions without our special weight deployment system, available on our shop.

Element ROV is 50mt (164ft) depth rated. If you need different depth ratings we can provide different options. The ROV is equipped with 50mt tether, but if you need more, custom lengths are available.

Element is equipped with a HD 1080p camera to perform high quality inspections and record professional grade videos. The camera mounts a tilt platform in order to tilt the camera up and down. If you need special second cameras, there are custom options available.

Yes, you can record video directly on your laptop and log all available parameters, such as temperature and depth, with date and time as a text log file.

Yes, the first equipment is two integrated powerful LED lights., If you need additional lights there are additional external lights available on our shop.

Element ROV weights less than 6kg (13.5lbs), thanks also to its full carbon fiber main body. All the system (including mean weight of a 15″ laptop) is less than 10kg (22lbs) and is easily backpackable in a plane cabin size approved luggage.

Not at all, just remember to wash Element ROV with clean freshwater at the end of every dive. Nothing more than this!

There are several accessories available on our shop page, including probes, additional lights, scaling lasers, transport case and manipulator. If you don’t find what you need just ask for your custom accessory: our CUWT (Custom UnderWater Technology) dept will fulfill your needs.

You can mount up to 2kg (4.4lbs) of accessories on the Element ROV.