Element ROV allows you to perform cage inspections, mort retrieval, fish sizing or behaviour monitoring. Divers intervention will be drastically reduced.

Advantages:No need of external powerNon stress on fishSmall objects retrivalMort removalNet and structures inspectionLimits diver implementation


On hulls, propellers, mooring or any submersed structure inspections, in fast and easy way. Element ROV allows also internal inspections of pipes or tanks, thanks to its limited dimensions. It can be used as complement or alternative to divers.

Advantages:Easy to transportReach remote locationsRecords HD videosOperative in only 3 minutesReduces inspections costsCan implement probes for NDT


Our affordable ELEMENT ROV allows researchers, marine biologists, treasure hunters, archeologists and other professionals to easily access to explorations of underwater environments in complete safety.

Advantages:No dive time limitationsEasy samplingLog environmental variablesScaling lasersNo support vessel requiredPerforms 3D mapping


Military and policemen often face dangerous site conditions. The deployment of our ROV system offers a safer view of possible threats and evidence that are underwater.

Advantages:Safer than diver implementationBattery poweredHD inspectionsManipulator to retrive objectsAvailable uw positioning systemPerforms 3D rendering of objects


Element ROV is the perfect tool to perform preliminary inspections to map and organize recovery of big objects (boats, wrecks), or to directly retrieve small objects.

Advantages:Lateral movementBackpackableGimbal for precise inspectionsManipulator to retrive objectsAvailable uw positioning systemMapping of seabed


Thanks to our ELEMENT ROV, the only equipped with a gimbal on the market, you’ll be able to record professional-grade incredibly stable videos. Become a marine explorer now!

Advantages:Easy to pilotNo need of external powerGimbal for great videosOperative in 3 minutesDelivered completely assembledRecord your explorations in HD