System Overview

Element ROV is a remotely operated underwater vehicle, which combines transportability, ease of use and self contained energy pack.

The ELEMENT ROV is a small lightweight vehicle, with an extremely high power/weight ratio. It can be easily backpacked and becomes operational in a few minutes, with no need of external power supply and hours of run time thanks to its internal battery. It’s the first mini-ROV with a 2-axis (pitch&roll) gimbal ever produced, allowing incredible stable footage. It can be easily operated through a professional hand controller and a dedicated software running on any laptop.

Main Features


Long run time. Our ROV is able to work for more than 3hrs with no need of power suppy, or plug it to a power unit for longer runs.


Lightweight and powerful thrusters, to have an high power/weight ratio. The motors have been designed to face hard work conditions.

HD Camera

Incredible real time 1080 HD videos, recordable directly on your laptop through the dedicated piloting software. Integrated powerful LED lights.


Easy to transport with its only 6kg of weight. You can reach remote locations thanks to its transportability. It can be backpacked in a cabin apporved luggage.

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Special Features

Ocean Eyes Group has developed a unique ROV, able to change its configuration in few seconds without demounting-mounting any part or need of tools. You can easily rotate two of the six thrusters in order to have either manouvrability or power: turn the two lateral- movement thrusters in the same direction of the forward/backward ones and you have 4 thrusters pushing forward in case of strong currents. Turn back the lateral thrusters to their original position, to have again 8 deegres of freedom, for precise movements.

AGILITY configuration

8 degrees of freedom movement

POWER configuration

6 degrees of freedom movement, Powerful forward push

Pitch & Roll Gimbal

First ROV in the world ever with a gimbal

Operational Features


The Folded configuration is perfect to transport ELEMENT ROV or perform inspections in narrow places, like inside of pipes.


Use the Agility configuration when you need great maneuverability and perform precise inspections.


Power configuration  is of great help when difficult environmental conditions are present, such as strong currents.

Becomes operative in less than 3 minutes

Plug the tether and hand controller in your laptop, switch on ELEMENT ROV, start the piloting sw and you're ready to explore!